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    Sexual Consent

    • Defining and Communicating Sexual Consent
    • What is Sexual Consent?
    • Clinical Considerations
    • Ideas for Exploring Consent
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    BDSM and Consent (BDSM: Working with Kinky Clients - Content Snippet)

    • BDSM and Consent (BDSM: Working with Kinky Clients - Content Snippet)
    • Consent Frameworks within BDSM / Kink
    • Giving Consent in BDSM/Kink Play
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    Legality of Consent

    • Legality of Consent
    • Legal Age of Consent and FAQs
    • Consent, Sexting, and the Law
    • Alcohol and Drug Intoxication: Implications for Consent to Sexual Activity
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Course Description

This course provides an introduction to sexual consent, with a focus on the foundational underpinnings required for clinical practice. Topics that will be addressed included: sexual communication, the #MeToo movement, the legality of consent in Canada, consent frameworks, drug and alcohol implications for sexual consent, BDSM and consent, ideas for exploring consent with clients, and the clinical considerations associated with sexual consent. Students will be expected to critically examine their own biases, assumptions, and personal reactions to the material, as well as reflect on, and assess how they will address issues of consent with clients on both sides - those who are adversely affected, and those who may be inadvertently unaware of the boundaries they are crossing.